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We will be offering free recording sessions for family keepsakes & private purposes for eligible participants: including veterans, police officers, firefighters, and front line workers under end of life circumstances. A family member or friend will be required to be present at the time of recording.


Find out if you're eligible:

Donations accepted in the form of:

Cash, Credit, GoFundMe, PayPal, Houses, Cars, Jewelry, Luxurious Vacations, Planes, Trains, Designer Clothes, Airplane Miles & Your Left Leg

3% of all proceeds are donated to charity

About Us
Image by Victor Dittiere



Recording living history from the live perspective of the conversationalist. These are stories about the EXTRAordinary lives and experiences of ordinary people. Telling the Backstory gives Perspective. Facts are based on perception. We do not allow truth to get in the way of a good story. Loosely based on inspired events.

Coco is a cheeky & colorful speaker, a listener, and a gatherer of wild stories. She loves hearing people's histories - their backstory, if you will - and this sparked an idea to preserve people's stories for eternity.


"If we don't preserve and chronicle our contemporaries’ backstories, we will lose them forever. I've met many interesting people along the way in life, and I've decided I would like to become a preservationist. To preserve the backstories of 'extraordinary people' I have met, who lead ordinary lives."


The Backstory Perspective doesn't require someone to have a specific achievement, basis of knowledge or certain experience.  Rather, the podcast only requires a connection between people to talk about life. A few ordinary people that have had extraordinary experiences. 


What makes an experience extraordinary? You lived it, and your perspective makes it different from anyone else's experience. This is our opportunity to re-live memories, tell tales and share laughter with friends and the community.

Join us on our quest to preserve our pieces of history - our backstories - for the generations to come.  We've all done things or had experiences that can influence and guide future generations.  Give us your perspective. Tell us your story & listen to ours.

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